Processing Project 1

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This is the first project for 91.541. I was originally thinking of making some sort of interactive DICOM image viewer, but I see enough of that at work. So, I thought, lets make a cheesy game parody�

And so it began. First I created the SpriteBase class which is the basic class for displaying an image and then dissolving it when it is ‘hit’. Next a class called Ammo was made for you guessed it, the ammo. Next was a class for the player and one for the enemy. Next the enemy was put into a grid class called EnemyGrid, this made a 3 row by 5 column grid of enemies.
The mouse is used to move the player and the mouse button to shoot. I tried using the keyboard to move the player and shoot, but it does not work as one would expect. If the player is moving and the arrow key is held down, once the space bar is hit to fire, the player stops moving although the left arrow is still held down. Oh well, not enough time to work around this, so we shall stick to the mouse…

Here’s the applet.